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 About Jema-American

JEMA-AMERICAN has been creating and manufacturing specialized finishes since 1947.  We believe our many of years of success are a direct result of our company’s commitment to: Quality and Customer Service.

We take great pride in custom formulating each finish to meet the unique, individual needs of our customers!

Every product is different in terms of size and substrate, and every company has different ideas of how they would like their products to look after being finished.  Therefore, only by custom formulating each finish for the intended product, can true quality be achieved.

This insures that when it comes time for our customers to manufacture their own products, they are turning out the highest quality products they possibly can.

We also take great pride in offering customer service above and beyond the service offered by other finishing suppliers.

Our customers realize this from the start, when they receive their finished product samples as quickly as 48 hours after sending them to us for testing.  And they continue to appreciate our customer service efforts as we work with them “hand in hand” to implement our metallizing processes into their manufacturing operations.

We stand ready to offer assistance  to our customers in any way that we can.


With 50+ years of experience in developing custom formulated finishes for our customers located throughout the globe, you can rest assured that with JEMA-AMERICAN, you will be working with one of the world’s most reputable manufacturers of quality metallizing finishes.



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