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 Sprayable Clear UV Curable Hardcoats
Jema-Cure UV Curable Coatings
Jema-Cure UV coatings are supplied at conventional to zero V.O.C.s. Jema-Cure UV coatings meet and exceed customer specifications for cosmetics and consumer electronics. Jema-Cure coatings are formulated to be compatible with polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, ABS/SAN plastic substrates. Jema-Cure UV coatings can be fine tuned for your specific requirements.
Jema-Cure UV Curable Topcoats
Jema-Cure UV topcoats are ideal for the cosmetic packaging and consumer electronics industry. These monomer free solvent-based coatings offer exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance. These coatings will pass all common product compatibility tests, will withstand 100 MEK rubs and the finished product can be bulk packed without damaging appearance. Jema-Cure topcoats can be formulated with special effect pigments and can be modified to accept hot stamp foil and over printing.

Jema-Cure topcoats can be applied over Jema-Prime pigmented all plastic primers for a stunning wet on wet basecoat-clear coat automotive like finish with excellent DOI and hardness.

Jema-Cure UV Curable Basecoats for Metallization
Jema-Cure UV basecoats provide excellent flow and leveling with excellent adhesion to various metallic and plastic substrates. Jema-Cure UV basecoats will accept metallization via vapor deposition or sputtering and they have excellent adhesion to aluminum, stainless steel and chrome. Some Jema-Cure UV basecoats can be used as both basecoat and top coating, therefore reducing inventory costs.

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