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PictureThe JEMA D'or Silver Spray System allows almost any object that is made from a porous substrate such as wood, plaster, fiberglass, ceramic, urethane foam, etc.. to be easily and economically manufactured with a metallic finish. This system produces the appearance of real metal plating on surfaces that can not be plated conveniently in any other way.  Just a few of the many products that this system has been successfully applied to include: picture frames, furniture of all types, gifts, interior decorations, lamp bases, etc.

With the JEMA D'or system, manufacturers now have the option of expanding their current product lines to include a wide selection of metallized finishes.  Options include such popular colors as gold, silver, bronze, antique gold, gunmetal, brass, etc.

Many of these metallic finishes are capable of giving products an upscale image; and correspondingly, a higher sales price.  In fact, most manufacturers have found that the JEMA D'or system has increased their profit margins since the increase in sales price, justified by the new metallic finishes, has been considerably greater than the negligible increase in production costs associated with this type of finishing process. Not to mention, the proven financial benefits of offering customers a wider choice of options.

To learn more about how the JEMA D'or Silver Spray Decorating System works: Please download our Video Presentation, or click here for a text overview.

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