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Jema-American metallizing metallic coatings
Specialty Applications


Jema DOR UV Curable Coatings Vacuum Metallizing & Sputtering Dip Dyes and Toners Special Applications Primer / Adhesion Promoters

3042Basecoat / Topcoat for vacuum metallization over Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU)
7094Jema-Chrome - Spray chrome effect coating.
7900Dip Dyes & Dye Solutions.
7600Additives for coatings: defoamers, fish eye eliminator, catalysts etc.
6093Glass Coatings and Sublimation Coatings (Tile)
4L97.3/4901 2K Soft Touch. 2K urethane to be used with solvent insensitive substrates offers durability and weathering, with and elegant hand and feel.

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