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 What You Will Need

Overview of The Equipment & Chemical Requirements
Needed for the JEMA D'or System

Silver Chemicals:

  • B 7-6 Sensitizer Concentrate
  • DX Silver - including Reducer & Modifier Concentrates

  • Lacquers for base coat and priming
  • Lacquers and color toners (tint dyes) for top coats

All of the required chemicals can be purchased from JEMA-American.


  • (2) Single and (1) Double Nozzle Spray Guns
  • (2) Paint Spraying Booths
    1 Standard Paint Spraying Booth
    1 Silver (Corrosion Resistant) Paint Spraying Booth
  • sprayers.JPGAir Compressor and Regulators for the spray guns
  • Water De-ionizing Cylinders (available through any local water treatment company)

All of the Hardware, except the spray guns, can be purchased through any industrial supplier of spray painting equipment.

The specialized spray guns can be purchased from JEMA-AMERICAN. Model numbers and prices for spray guns may be found under Jema D'or pricing.

For more detailed information on the Chemicals and Hardware Required: Please continue to: Detailed Instructions Manual

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