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Every finish that we manufacture is custom formulated to each of our customers specifications.  There is also a large variance in the type of products that our customers metallize (in both terms of substrate and size).  Consequently, it is difficult to provide accurate pricing information on a broad basis.

We encourage all customers to contact us, so that we may calculate a better cost estimate based upon more specific information.

After the initial appraisal, we ask all customers to send us a few samples of the products they are interested in metallizing.  We will then metallize the products in our lab at no charge, which will provide finished samples that can be reviewed and tested by all interested parties, as well as providing accurate pricing information.

The following is a general guideline to the costs involved in setting up and maintaining a JEMA D'or system.

Start Up Costs
The costs associated in setting up the system can be broken down into two major categories:

1. JEMA D'or Kit

    The JEMA D'or Silver kit includes 2 gallons of Silver Nitrate Solution, 1 gallon of Reducer, and 1 gallon Modifier. The price for this kit varies with the market and is currently $1,542. B-76 Sensitizer will also be required, pricing available upon request. The kit provides approximately 32 gallons at the gun.

    Feel free to contact us for the lacquers that are right for you and your application.

2. Hardware Requirements

    The investment in required hardware will depend greatly on what equipment already exists in current manufacturing operations.  If paint spraying is already part of the manufacturing operation, it is likely that little will be needed in terms of new hardware.

Spray Guns for the Silvering Process:

  • BUS2RS-2: Double Nozzle Spray Gun for simultaneously spraying the DX Silver and Reducer solutions, $350.00.
  • BUSRBS-0: Single Nozzle Spray Gun for spraying the Sensitizer solution $200.00.
  • BUFB-2: Single Nozzle Spray Gun for spraying de-ionized water, $150.00.

Ongoing Costs
As with any painting operation, the ongoing costs will be on an applied basis. Most manufacturers find that the ongoing material costs for silver spraying run about the same as a typical spray painting operation.

Except for purchasing more finishing chemicals from JEMA (as needed), the only other ongoing material cost will be to replace the water purification cylinders every couple of months (depending on usage) at a cost of around $200 per unit.

For more specific information on pricing, please
contact us.

* JEMA-AMERICAN, Inc. is not responsible for typographical errors. Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Issuance of this information is not a commitment to sell.

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