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 How the Process Works

sprayers.JPGUsing special spray guns, a layer of pure silver is sprayed onto the surface of a product, which has already been basecoated.  A topcoat is then applied to protect the silver finish.

The basecoats and topcoats used are specially formulated to prevent the silver from tarnishing.

The product can either be left with the silver reflective finish or a color toner can be added during the topcoat application, which will change the silver metallic appearance into any metallic color affect desired (e.g. gold, pewter, bronze, etc.).

The result is a product that has a real metal finish, that looks and feels exactly as if it had been metal plated!

The Following is a Basic Overview of the Steps in the Process:

1. Surface Preparation

  • PictureThe surface of the product is base coated or primed/base coated, depending on the particular substrate of the product.
  • The coating must then be allowed to dry.
  • The drying time will vary according to the type of substrate, coating, and the drying method used.

2. Metallizing
  • PictureSensitizing solution is sprayed on the product (using a single nozzle spray gun).
  • The product is then rinsed with purified water.
  • Immediately after the rinse, the product is sprayed with a combination of silver and reducer (using a two nozzle spray gun)
  • The product, now metallized, is rinsed again with purified water and blown with clean air to remove all water.
  • The product is now ready for the topcoat, with no further drying time needed.

3. Finishing
  • The topcoat lacquer is sprayed on the silvered piece and then dried.
  • Any color toners desired should be mixed into the top coat lacquer before applying.
  • If desired, subsequent decorating (e.g. Antiquing or veiling) can now be applied to the product before the topcoat has completely dried.
  • An additional clear topcoat can also be applied on top of the additional decorating.  However, this second topcoat is not necessary if no additional decorating steps have been taken.

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What You Will Need

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